What Our Customers Say

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my new side lofted barn.  Every time I pass by the window I look outside just to look at it! It is a fantastic piece of workmanship from top to bottom and looks great in my backyard along the woods.  I was a little concerned about getting the smaller 8X12 building (we just moved into a house without a garage for the first time in three years), but we actually ended up having more than enough room thanks to the lofts at both ends of the building.  I also want to thank Tony Milam in Sumter, SC for the excellent service.  He was willing to work with me to get us the building we needed within our budget and also was able to get it to us when we needed it!  Thank you and God bless to Tony, the delivery team and everyone that makes Graceland Portable Buildings such a pleasure to do business with.

Thad Mertz

Several years ago I was a sales trainer. In the state of SC there are no salespeople just order takers. One exception. Tony Milam in Sumter SC. He did what a salesperson was supposed to do. He took us out to the building and carefully explained how they were put together, the materials used, where they were built, how they will be shipped, and finally how it was to be delivered to our house. Like all good companys they depend on there sales force and Tony is the best.

P. A. Siegel

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